Neou Fitness App Reviews: Are the Workouts and Meal Ideas Legit?

Is your gym closing again? With a dark winter ahead, many of us are wondering what we're going to do for our dose of daily exercise this winter.

If you're stuck at home under lockdown, then you need to keep fit – it's important for both your physical and mental health. However, with the gym closed, what are you going to do?

Our Neou fitness app reviews unwind to offer from this on-demand fitness company. They offer you a glimpse into the future of fitness, with training and instruction directly from your home.

There's no need to rush to a fitness class or meet up with a personal trainer. With this on-demand platform, you train around your schedule at your convenience. Sound good? Let's look at the features and benefits of this revolutionary fitness platform.

Our Neou Fitness App Review

neou fitness app reviews

We recommend the Neou Fitness App for those looking for on-demand fitness activities with a wide library of titles such as strength training, cycling, and HIIT.  


  • Guided workout programs for all experience levels
  • Set your weekly and monthly workout goals
  • Track achievements and progress to your training goals
  • Daily reminders to keep you on track with your diet and training
  • Filter your classes by body focus, duration, equipment, and more
  • More than 70 Fitness programs across 26 fitness genres
  • Goal-oriented workout programs for all experience levels
  • Fun daily challenges and curated workouts


  • No access to personal trainers


The Neou fitness app is a great choice for working out at home this winter. With the pandemic ranging, why take the risk of going to the gym for your workout when you can get it at home?

With Neou, you get a functional and affordable training solution. The app comes with a wide range of workout options and access to the Neou community for advice and support. This app is a great choice for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

What is the Neou Fitness App?

The Neou fitness app is an on-demand platform featuring loads of fitness videos in a variety of categories. You get a range of titles from running to strength training, barre, cycling, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

The Neou fitness app jumpstarts your journey to fitness and health. Not only do you have access to dozens of on-demand fitness classes, but you also get useful and tasty custom meal plans included.

The Neou Cafe brings you inspirational videos to keep you motivated throughout the day, giving you a holistic health and fitness experience – directly on your smart device.

There are options on the app for equipment-assisted classes using resistance bands, dumbbells, and other training aids. Jump on your treadmill and take a running workout right in your living room. However, there are plenty of options for bodyweight workouts, and there are stretching and yoga classes as well.

With the Neou fitness app, you get access to top trainers in studios across the United States. Learn the correct form, and train with the best in the business. To ensure you stay accountable on your journey, you can rely on the Neou community to keep you on track.

You can stream all the Neou workouts directly from your favorite device, including compatibility with Apple TV and Roku. The Neou fitness app is a top choice for staying in shape this winter, with thousands of top-quality classes and qualified trainers spanning 26 different fitness genres.

The Neou fitness app gives you a feeling like you're training in a boutique gym, right in your home. All the videos come in HD format, and you get a flexible training schedule thanks to the platform's on-demand function.

Neou Fitness App Reviews: Starting Out

Starting with the Neou fitness app is easy. Visit the Google Play or Apple App Stores, and download the correct version to your smart device. After installation, open the app and start the customized quiz.

The quiz asks you for your vital information, like your height, weight, age, and workout experience. The system makes recommendations to you based on your answers to the quiz.

Choose your program, and start your first workout in minutes.

How much does Neou Fitness Cost?

Where signing up for Neou, you get the option of taking a 30-day trial of the platform. It's a great way for Neou to prove to you that they deserve your business.

If you decide to keep with Neou, then the Neou fitness app cost is $50 for an annual membership. The app is available for free download from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Neou vs Beachbody?

Neou is a dedicated app for your smart device. Beachbody on Demand is a website platform. Both offer a range of workout options, but Beachbody is the leading brand, with a more comprehensive platform.

How much does Neou cost?

Neou costs $50 for 1 year and comes with a free 30-day trial. The company is so confident you'll find value in the platform and sign up, they're giving you a month for free.

What is Neou app?

The Neou app is a new way to get fitness on your phone. Download the iOS or Android app, and say goodbye to going to the gym. You get functional and affordable fitness – directly in your living room.

Do fitness apps actually work?

Yes, fitness apps work. Neou has a community of thousands of followers, all getting value from using the app every day.

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