Obe Fitness vs Neou Review: Which Workout is Better?

If you're trying to pick a fitness app for your winter training, check out our Obé Fitness vs Neou review.

We look at the offerings from both on-demand workout apps to find out which is the better choice to help you meet your training goals.

We recommend Obe Fitness

obe fitness vs neou

We recommend the Obe Fitness App for those looking for a comprehensive on-demand workout program that includes a wide selection of live classes


  • A great option for beginners
  • 5,842 on-demand classes that suit your schedule
  • Recommended by top media sources
  • Streams on any device
  • Best instructors in NYC
  • Community support
  • 7-day free trial


  • Not the best choice for hardcore fitness enthusiasts


In our review of Obé Fitness vs Neou, we looked at all aspects of these platforms. If we must settle on a winner, it's Obé Fitness. We feel Obé offers a better beginner-friendly choice. Neou is a good training platform, but it lacks the interactivity you get with Obé Fitness.

With Obé Fitness, you get a comprehensive archive of workouts across multiple exercise disciplines. We also like the 22 daily live classes. The risk-free 7-day trial means you can check out the platform properly to decide if it's for you before signing up.

Obé Fitness vs Neou Review – What Is It?

When it comes to choosing the best fitness on demand apps, there are plenty of choices. Both Obé Fitness and the Neou training app are the new evolution of personal training, nutrition, and at-home workouts.

These platforms give you access to a curated collection of on-demand workouts across multiple exercise disciplines. Both sites offer a tailored workout experience for any experience level, but we feel Obé is the better choice for beginners.

With both platforms, you get access to a range of exercise disciplines, including

  • HIIT
  • Cardio
  • Bounce
  • Strength
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Dance

There are dozens of other categories to match your training style and your goals.

Neou Fitness Pros and Cons


  • On-demand fitness classes
  • Guided workout programs
  • Track your progress and your achievements on your journey
  • Daily reminders
  • More than 70-fitness programs across 26 genres


  • No personalized coaching experience
  • A better choice for intermediate fitness enthusiasts

Obé Fitness vs Neou Review – What's the Difference?

Both Obé Fitness and the Neou training app come with excellent reviews. When selecting the best online workout programs, we took into account a holistic approach from the company, covering exercise, diet, and support.

Both companies offer you a comprehensive library of on-demand workouts. You also get custom workout plans to meet your training goals.

We feel that Obé Fitness offers a more comprehensive offering and a more credible site. It has more social proof than Neou and a larger following on social media. Obé Fitness features in leading health and fitness magazines, including Forbes, Vogue, Elle, Women's' Health, and Shape.

With Obé Fitness, you also get access to any of the 22-live daily classes, streaming across your mobile device, with compatibility for Apple TV and Roku.

Obé Fitness vs Neou Review – How Do I Start?

Both the Neou fitness app and the Obé Fitness platform offer easy ways of starting your fitness journey. Log on to your preferred site, and create an account.

Both Obé and Neou ask you a questionnaire about your vital statistics, training experience, and workout goals. After inputting your choices, the app or site uses an AI program to select the best training options.

You have the option of starting right away or downloading a training schedule to customize to your routine.

Obé Fitness vs Neou Review – Pricing

Obé Fitness Pricing

Obé Fitness offers you a free trial of the platform to start. You get 7-days to decide if you like the offer and want to commit. The company is confident you'll love the Obé experience and that you'll sign up for a subscription after your trial expires.

If you do sign up with Obé, you have the following subscription options.

  • Monthly $27 billed monthly
  • Quarterly – $65 billed quarterly ($21.67 per month, save $64 per year)
  • Annual – $199 billed annually ($16.58 per month, save $125 per year)

With the quarterly membership, you get a $10 gift card to the Obé store, and an annual membership gets you a $20 gift card. Both the quarterly and yearly memberships include exclusive access to premium areas of the site.

Neou Pricing

Neou offers you a free 30-day trial of the platform. If you feel like signing up, they charge you a one-off fee of $50 for an annual membership. The app comes as a free download from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Obé instructors make?

Obé Fitness instructors make enough to cover their living from the site. They're professional instructors, and working out is their passion – it's not about the money.

Which online fitness program is best?

There are dozens of online fitness programs out there, from Daily Burn to Beachbody on Demand. However, if you're a beginner and looking to have some fun with your training in an unintimidating atmosphere, Obé Fitness is a top pick.

How does Obé Fitness work?

Obé Fitness is an on-demand fitness website. You log on and choose from a range of classes, with options for all experience levels.

How long is the Obé Fitness free trial?

Obé is so confident you'll love its on-demand training platform, it's willing to give you a free 7-day trial.

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