Mirror vs. Peloton: Best Expert Home Fitness Recommendation

Are you looking for a way to stay fit at home in 2021? The at-home fitness revolution gained traction in 2020, thanks to everyone staying home on quarantine.

With 2021 looking like more of the same, you need to choose an at-home workout partner. This review looks at Mirror vs Peloton. Which one of these platforms can keep you fit in 2021?

What Is Peloton?

Founded in 2012 by John Foley, Peloton is the world’s most successful at-home cycling training program. The company focuses on providing an immersive, at-home training experience for cyclists of all experience levels.

Peloton Pros and Cons


  • Used by Joe Biden, the President of the United States.
  • A good indoor training choice for professional cyclists.


  • Only cycling available.
  • Expensive equipment costs.

What Is Mirror?

Founded in 2018 by Bryn Putnam, Mirror fitness is an overnight success story. The company sold to Lululemon in 2020 for $500-million in cash, with Putnam retaining the CEO position at the company. Mirror offers a broad range of at-home training options to keep you fit.

Mirror Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for all ages and experience levels.
  • Hundreds of on-demand workouts.
  • Various training disciplines from barre to yoga or HIIT.
  • Finance available with payments as low as $42 per month.
  • More affordable equipment costs than Peloton.
  • More workout options and variety.


  • No cycling included.

Mirror vs Peloton: Comparison

Peloton Reviews

Peloton is a dedicated virtual cycling platform. The company only offers cycling workouts and equipment, and it doesn’t include any other types of exercise on its platform.

It’s a great choice for cyclists that need to train at home due to environmental or time constraints on their time.

Joe Biden is probably the most famous Peloton user, with the president relying on the device for fitness in his senior years.

Peloton is an established brand with an excellent reputation and plenty of 5-star reviews. However, unless you’re looking for a cycling-focused fitness solution, it might not be the right choice for your at-home training experience.

Mirror Reviews

Mirror offers you the best all-round at-home training experience. You have the option of choosing from a variety of classes to suit your training goals. With Mirror, you get access to a personal trainer on the screen, and you follow their instruction.

The Mirror device uses sensors, cameras, and advanced AI technology combined with machine learning to analyze your form. Your instructor corrects your form in real-time as you follow the workout.

Mirror is the better choice for general fitness at home. If you’re used to going to the gym for stretching and a class, then Mirror is a great way to stay fit at home.

You have access to the Mirror community, and you can sign up for competitive and friendly classes in various exercise categories.

Mirror vs Peloton Classes

Mirror and Peloton classes both offer you a high-quality training experience. Peloton affords you a competitive experience that drives your performance if you're into cycling, helping you set new records with your training.

Mirror also offers you an immersive training experience, putting you inside the virtual classroom where you receive instruction from top trainers.

While both platforms offer top-level training, Mirror is the better choice for improving their overall fitness levels without getting on a bike.

The Mirror classes cover a range of exercise disciplines, giving you more variety, other than cycling workouts. If you’re not looking for cycling-based training, then Mirror is the better general fitness option.

Mirror vs Peloton Price Comparison

The Mirror at-home fitness system retails for $1,495. However, you have the option of taking it on credit, with 36-monthly installments of $42. You’ll also have to pay the $250 shipping charge when ordering your Mirror.

The Mirror workout price comes included with your monthly membership-p fee of $39. You get full access to all the live and on-demand video workouts.

Peloton has the higher equipment startup costs, with your stationary bike costing you $1,895; there are also financing options available for your purchase. You’ll also need to pay the shipping on your bike and the monthly $39 membership to the Peloton site to access the workouts.

Overall, if you’re looking for value, Mirror has a more affordable device and a better workout variety. Both companies have the same monthly membership cost of $39.

Mirror vs Peloton – The Verdict

If you’re looking for an all-around fitness experience for training at home in 2021, we recommend going with Mirror. Peloton is a specialist cycling platform for people that enjoy spending time on the bike. If you never ride a bike or have no interest in cycling, Peloton is not for you.

Mirror is the at-home fitness solution you need in your life. With Mirror, you get on-demand and live access to the training platform. Design your custom training schedule, and join one of the live classes.

Mirror is the best at-home training experience, offering you a huge selection of on-demand classes across several workout disciplines, from Barre to HIIT, and even free-weight workouts; there’s something to suit your training style with Mirror fitness.

How Does Mirror Hold Up Against the Competition?

Mirror vs Tonal

Tonal is another at-home fitness training experience. With Tonal, you get an interactive training screen and on-demand archives, just like Mirror. However, the difference with the Tonal experience is the equipment and the price tag.

Tonal charges $2,995 for its equipment, and financing is available. It might seem expensive, but you get built-in gym equipment included in your training platform. Tonal is more costly, but it's an interesting dynamic if you want to work out with equipment and resistance.

However, Mirror does come with weighted resistance exercise programs included with your membership. Purchase an affordable set of dumbbells, and you have everything you need for a resistance-training workout with your Mirror.

Mirror vs Echelon

The Echelon Reflect series offers the closest workout experience to Mirror. However, we feel that Mirror is the better option for your at-home fitness needs. With Mirror, you get a 52.25” screen. The screen size on the largest 50” Reflect model is only 47.7”.

The Echelon Reflect also requires permanent mounting on your wall. With the Mirror, you get a portable design with a customizable set up in any room in your home. The Echelon Reflect membership fee is just under a dollar more per month. While that might not seem like much, it adds up over the year.

With Echelon, you get access to the entire Echelon training platform with your membership fee, and that pretty useless if you only have the Reflect. It feels like your subsidizing other people's use of the platform.

Mirror vs Peloton FAQ

Is the Mirror worth it?

If you’re looking to stay fit at home in 2021, try the Mirror. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase, giving you a risk-free trial of the Mirror experience. Try out the platform and take part in workout groups for a few weeks before deciding if it's worth it for you.

Which is better Peloton or Mirror?

Unless you’re a cyclist, Mirror is going to be the better all-around fitness option. Peloton has a specific design for cyclists, and you don’t get the same amount of fitness and health disciplines across the platform as you do with Mirror. Mirror doesn’t offer cycling, and the setup costs of the Mirror and monthly membership are more affordable than starting with Peloton.

Does Mirror have a monthly fee?

Yes, Mirror requires you to pay a $39 monthly fee to access its on-demand workout platform. Your subscription gets you access to live workouts, personal instruction, and a huge catalog of on-demand training material across several workout disciplines, from Yoga to HIIT.

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