Mirror vs Tempo: Exercises, Prices, Features Compared

Are you looking to get in shape? Exercise is an important part of managing our health, but many of us fail to do it often enough. If you’re thinking about signing up with a gym, don’t bother. The coronavirus pandemic is raging across the world, and the continued lockdowns mean gyms are a high-risk venue.

You’ll need to start working out at home. Running in the street gets boring, and there’s no trainer around to help out. Fortunately, you can sign up with Mirror or Tempo and bring the gym to your house or apartment.

Before we start analyzing Mirror Vs Tempo, let’s think about the costs of going to your gym.

  • An average membership cost at a gym is around $54 per month
  • Hiring a personal trainer can cost upwards of $50 per session
  • Fitness calisthenics classes and yoga can run you $20 a session

So, which at-home gym solution suits you? Should you go with Mirror or Tempo? Let’s unpack the offerings from both companies to see which one is the right fit for you.

We recommend Mirror for those looking to focus on cardio and stretching fitness

mirror vs tonal

Mirror has an extremely easy installation process and allows you to start working out the very same day.  


  • Sleek, portable Mirror
  • Syncs to Apple Watch
  • Variety of workouts included
  • Best choice for kids
  • Best choice for yoga enthusiasts


  • Not a good choice for serious weightlifters or strength athletes


Choosing the right exercise solution depends on your goals. If you’re looking to add strength and size, go with Tempo.

For a holistic health solution focusing on stretching and cardio fitness – go with Mirror.

What Is Mirror?

Are you a guy looking to pack on some muscle? Maybe you’re a girl trying to lose some body fat? Mirror might be the right choice for your at-home gym. According to Mirror reviews, Mirror is a more cardio and high-intensity based training program compared to Tempo.

You get a comprehensive exercise solution, taking a holistic view of fitness. You get workouts for stretching, cardio, yoga, and much more included with your subscription fee.

Mirror doesn’t come with any exercise equipment – there’s no barbells or heavy-bags required. You get access to top instructors and over 70 classes a week.

You get a full-size mirror included with your purchase of the system. Set up the Mirror, and you watch instructors while the Mirror gives you feedback on your form and intensity.

What Is Tempo?

If you’re a guy or girl looking to add muscle and strength, we recommend going with the Tempo at-home gym solution. According to Tempo reviews, the Tempo home gym comes with a 42-inch screen, including motion sensors, to check your form while exercising.

The Tempo is suitable for exercise enthusiasts that enjoy lifting free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells. The on-screen instructors see your skeletal impression on their screen, allowing them to correct your form in real-time.

Tempo Pros and Cons


  • Best choice for weightlifters
  • Real-time form checks
  • Premium barbells included with purchase
  • Weight storage included


  • Not suitable for young kids
  • Not suitable for young kids

Mirror Vs Tempo – What’s the Difference?

Mirror is more of a comprehensive fitness and exercise solution. It provides you with training in all three areas of cardio, strength, and flexibility. It’s a better choice for women and men looking to stay cardio-fit.

However, if you’re into lifting weights, Tempo is the better option. You get customized free weight workouts with dedicated coaching.

Mirrror Vs Tempo – Comparing Pricing

Mirror comes with a cash price of $1,845, while Tempo costs $1,9995. We expect you have to pay more with Tempo because of the equipment included in the price.

Both Tempo and Mirror have a monthly subscription fee of $39 per month, and both charge $250 for the Mirror and shipping.

Tempo offers a monthly payment plan of $55 per month, whereas Mirror’s payment plan costs $42 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tonal vs Tempo

Tonal comes with built-in exercise components. It’s a comprehensive exercise solution for holistic health. However, we feel the built-in equipment limits your exercise freedom. There’s also no dedicated weight lifting feature.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Echelon vs Peloton: How Do They Compare?

Mirror is the better choice for a portable and convenient system.  Echelon has a bigger touchscreen display and as much functionality as Mirror, but it costs more.  Mirror is the more affordable option. Typically, Peloton focuses more on weight loss exercises. Mirror is a more comprehensive exercise solution.

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