Tempo vs JaxJox Studio: Home Gym Options Compared

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the closure of gyms around the country, fitness enthusiasts are looking for ways to stay in shape at home. Fortunately, some innovative tech companies are filling the gap with training available in the comfort of your living room.

This review looks at two of the leading brands in at-home fitness. We'll unpack the differences between Tempo vs JaxJox Studio to determine which one offers you the better choice for working out at home in 2021.

We recommend Tempo given its balance between affordability and efficiency

tempo vs jaxjox

Tempo retails for $3.995 and offers several great financing options including $0 down and $111/month for 36 months


  • Barbell comes included with your purchase.
  • Proven system with plenty of positive user reviews.
  • More affordable than JaxJox.
  • In-house financing available with no APR.


  • Customizations will increase the purchase price.


After reviewing both brands, we have to pick a winner. If we had to choose one system for our home, we're going with the Tempo Studio. JaxJox is still in its preorder phase. That means you run the risk of the company folding and not delivering your order. You'll have to wait for months to get your money back as the company unwinds its business.

There's a good chance, JaxJox will launch. However, we don't like taking the risk, given that so many tech companies are folding in the wake of the pandemic's effect on the global economy.

With Tempo, you get everything you need to set up your home gym. The system comes with barbells, dumbbells, and all the accessories you would find on the weight deck at your local gym. You have options for customizing your Tempo studio, setting it up to suit your needs.

Tempo also has a solid track record and plenty of user reviews. JaxJox is still getting out of the gates, and you'll be the guinea pig for the platform if you decide to give it a go.

Tempo vs JaxJox Studio: What Is Tempo?

Do you miss the gym? Well, Tempo is the ideal at-home training system for people that like to work out with weights. With Tempo, you get a complete barbell and dumbbell set included with your Tempo Studio purchase.

The weights back away into a freestanding cabinet, and you get a workout mat and foam roller included with your purchase. Tempo interfaces with you through its screen, and you'll follow custom workouts designed to test your strength and explosive performance.

The 42" screen gives you access to the Tempo training platform, where you have the option of selecting pre-design4d workouts in various categories. The Tempo screen comes with sensors that detect 3D movement. You get tips on your form and workout experience through the device.

To access the workouts, Tempo requires you to take a membership to its platform. You'll pay for the studio and screen separately, and the monthly platform fee is the only ongoing cost involved with your training.

What Is JaxJox At-Home Studio?

JaxJox is another home training system specifically designed with weightlifting workouts in mind. You get an attractive and stylish stand for your dumbbells and kettlebell, with a workout mat and foam roller included with your purchase of the JaxJox Studio.

The heart of the JaxJox Studio is its impressive 43" interactive screen. Like Tempo, the screen comes with sensors that detect your movement. You get personalized instruction on your form and movement, giving you the advantage of a personal trainer at home.

Like Tempo, you pay for your studio and equipment upfront. You pay a monthly fee to access your workout platform.

What's the Difference Between Tempo and JaxJox Studio?

JaxJox is currently only available on preorder. However, it promises delivery of the following with your purchase after the product launch.

  • 43" Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 1x “KettlebellConnect” (12 to 42 lbs)
  • 2x “DumbbellConnect” (8 to 50 lbs)
  • 1x “Foam RollerConnect” (five vibration intensity levels)
  • 1x “Push UpConnect” (four position muscle targeting)

There are no options for customizing your system at the moment.

What does Tempo Include?

The Tempo Studio comes with the following in its Tempo "Plus" system.

Barbell and Dumbbell Plates

  • 4x 1.25-lb
  • 4x 2.5-lb
  • 4x 5-lb
  • 4x 10-lb
  • 2x 25-lb


  • 5mm Workout Mat
  • 2x 7.5-lbs Dumbbells
  • 1x 25-lb Barbell
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Recovery Foam Roller
  • Folding Workout Bench

Tempo also comes with several customization options and the chance to upgrade to the Tempo Pro Studio. The pro version comes with more weights and extra accessories. It's the ideal choice for someone that trains for strength and size.

Tempo vs JaxJox Studio: How Much Do They Cost?


If you want to start with Tempo, you have an entry-level price point of $2,495 for the Starter Studio. With Tempo, you also have the option of financing your outstanding balance. You can finance the Tempo Starter Studio for as little as $69 per month over 36-months.

Financing comes with a 0% APR, so you won't pay any interest when taking your system on credit. However, the financing goes through Affirm, so they run a credit check to see if you qualify.

However, the Tempo Starter system isn't as comprehensive as the Tempo Plus or Tempo Pro Studio. If The Tempo Plus comes with a barbell and additional weights, as well as a workout bench. This system costs you $3,245, or $90 per month for 36 months with $0 down.

The Tempo Pro is the companies flagship platform. You get extra weights and $2,500 worth of accessories included with your purchase. This system retails for $3,995, or you can take it on credit for $0 down and $111 per month for 36-months.

To access the Tempo Platform, you'll need to pay $39 per month for your workouts.

JaxJox Studio

The JaxJox Studio is available on preorder, and you can reserve your system with a $250 downpayment and pay the balance when the system ships.

JaxJox states it will be charging $39 for its membership, but you only pay that after receiving your studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the better holistic health option – Mirror or Tonal?

Mirror offers you a better holistic option for your workouts. You get options for weightlifting, yoga, stretching HIIT, and more.

Is Mirror or Tonal the better choice for men?

Men will get more value out of the Mirror. You have HIIT workouts and weightlifting classes included.

Mirror vs Tonal – Which is the better choice for women?

Tonal is the better overall choice for women, but it lacks portability, and it comes with a higher price tag. Mirror offers you excellent values for money.

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