Mirror vs Tonal: Which Workout Gadget is Better?

With lockdowns closing your local gym, you’re probably trying to find different ways to get your daily dose of exercise. Fortunately, there are some innovative at-home gym solutions.

In this review, we look at Mirror vs Tonal, comparing them to see which system offers you the best at-home workout experience.

We recommend Mirror given its slick interface and attractive price point

mirror vs tonal

Mirror costs less than $2000, is extremely easy to install, and allows for easy form-mimicking lessons.   


  • Comprehensive workout database
  • Portable and compact
  • Suitable for men, women, and kids
  • Affordable relative to Tonal


  • No mechanical arms or equipment included
  • No touchscreen capability


According to our Mirror workout review, we feel Mirror offers you the better deal. Sure, Tonal might have a bigger screen and mechanical arms, but that’s not necessary to get a good workout.

With Mirror, you have a comprehensive database of workouts in several categories, whereas Tonal focuses more on female exercising. If you’re looking for the best overall at-home exercise device for the entire family, you can’t beat Mirror.

What Is Mirror?

Mirror is an at-home workout tool featuring a mirror design. You set the Mirror up and link it to the internet. After paying your subscription, you get access to an archive of thousands of workouts, with more than 70 new exercises released each week.

According to Mirror reviews, you set up the Mirror and log into your account. Select your favorite workout from options like Pilates, yoga, cardio training, or stretching. The Mirror activates your workout, presenting your instructor on screen and a reflection of your image.

You follow the instructor, using the Mirror to adjust your form and check your posture. The Mirror provides real-time feedback on your performance and improvement tips.

What Is Tonal?

Tonal is a similar setup to Mirror. You use a mirror device to access workouts and follow instructors while checking your form. The Tonal Mirror mounts to your wall, featuring full touchscreen functionality. The sides of the Tonal device feature arms you use in your workouts.

According to Tonal reviews, the Tonal device is the best option for women looking to increase their strength. The arms provide resistance, like a band or weights during your exercise routine. As a result, you get faster results than using your bodyweight alone.

Mirror Vs Tonal – What’s the Difference?

Mirror and Tonal share some similarities and have some stark differences. Both devices operate on a mirror-design. However, the tonal device comes with an interactive touchscreen, and it’s much larger than the Mirror device.

Tonal also requires mounting to a wall, while the Mirror is a portable device you can set up anywhere in your home. The Tonal device also includes mechanical arms for resistance training built-into the device.

Tonal offers you a better workout, but it’s a fixed solution, where Mirror is a portable choice. Choosing the right device for your training depends on your needs. If you find yourself needing to set up in different rooms in your home, Mirror’s portability is a blessing.

However, if you‘re looking for the most demanding workout and have a dedicated space in your home, Tonal is the better choice.

Comparing the Mirror workout vs. Tonal workout offering, they both come with plenty of functionality and choice for different training styles.

Mirror Vs Tonal – Comparing Pricing

The cash price for the Mirror device is $1,845, while the Tonal costs $2,995. That’s a significant price increase for a larger touchscreen and some mechanical arms.

Both Tonal and Mirror offer payment plans, with tonal costing you $149 per month, while the Mirror costs $42 per month for the device. Both companies charge $250 to ship your device directly to your door.

The Tonal membership cost is $49, which is $10 more than the Mirror subscription of $39. Considering the Mirror has a better workout offering, we think it’s the better choice.

The Tonal device comes with a 3-year warranty, while the Mirror has a 1-year warranty included with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the better holistic health option – Mirror or Tonal?

Mirror offers you a better holistic option for your workouts. You get options for weightlifting, yoga, stretching HIIT, and more.

Is Mirror or Tonal the better choice for men?

Men will get more value out of the Mirror. You have HIIT workouts and weightlifting classes included.

Mirror vs Tonal – Which is the better choice for women?

Tonal is the better overall choice for women, but it lacks portability, and it comes with a higher price tag. Mirror offers you excellent values for money.

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