TrueCoach Reviews: Is It the Best Personal Trainer Software?

Are you a personal trainer? How is your business looking in 2021? Are you looking for an edge over your competition? TrueCoach gives you the digital solution your need to scale your client base and build your personal training business.

Whether you’re an independent or a gym owner, TrueCoach offers you a world-class CRM system for your client management.

Our TrueCoach reviews give you everything you need to know about implementing this system in your personal training business this year.

Pros and Cons of TrueCoach


  • Easy client workout logging.
  • Custom exercise videos with your branding.
  • Real-time messaging.
  • Custom workout goals and performance metrics.
  • Full client CRM and team account functionality.
  • Program builders and nutrition tracking.
  • Custom themes to your branding.
  • Compliance tracking.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Mid-range affordability. 
  • Available on iOS and Android.


  • Moe expensive than Mypthub.

How Much Does TrueCoach Cost?

TrueCoach pricing model is on the mid-range tier compared to the competition. When signing up with the platform, you have the option of choosing one of three subscription packages for your membership.

The Starter Plan

  • $19 per month
  • Up to five clients

The Standard Plan

  • $49 per month
  • Up to 20 clients

The Pro Plan

  • $99 per month
  • Up to 250 clients

TrueCoach also has options for custom setups for gyms. Get your entire gym database on the program. Save a huge amount on your monthly subscription costs while improving the profitability of your business.

TrueCoach understands you might be hesitant to commit to a monthly subscription. Therefore, it decided to give you a free trial. 

The company is so confident you’ll enjoy its app that they give you 14-days to determine if it works for you and your clientele.

TrueCoach Reviews: Competition

TrueCoach vs Trainerize

Trainerize has a reputation as the most advanced personal trainer CRM available. If we look at the pricing, we find that it’s also the most expensive option available.

If you want to register 200 clients with the app, it will cost you $200 per month. That’s double the price of the TrueCoach option, and you get 50 clients less than TrueCoach.

For this reason alone, we think that TrueCoach is the better CRM option for personal trainers. However, True Coach also offers you all of the essential features on the Trainerize app at half the price. 

We actually prefer the UI and management tools in the TrueCoach app over the Trainerize alternative.

With the best price, more clients, and plenty of functionality, TrueCoach beats Trainerize in our head-to-head competition for the best overall PT CRM.

TrueCoach vs Trainheroic

Trainheroic is another leading PT CRM for managing your client base. You get all of the core features of TrueCoach and all the client management features for a cheaper subscription cost. 

Trainheroic costs you $149.99 per month for 250-clients, which’s 50% more expensive than the price of a monthly TrueCoach Pro subscription.

Trainheroic relies on its partnerships with leading sports brands like the UFC to push its branding. 

However, if we look under the hood of the app, we find it doesn’t offer you the same quality user interface (UI) and features of TrueCoach. It’s a good app, but we feel it doesn’t justify the additional $50 per month.

TrueCoach vs Mypthub

Mypthub is the market leader in low-cost personal trainer CRMs. You get all the features of TrueCoach, with the option of adding unlimited clients for half the price of the TrueCoach subscription. 

TrueCoach charges $99 per month for its Pro membership. You get 250-clients included in your package and full access to all the features of TrueCoach.

However, with Mypthub, you get unlimited clients for a $49 monthly subscription fee, which’s less than half of TrueCoach. 

Mypthub is an affordable option and a good choice for PTs on a budget. However, it can’t compare with the features and interface of TrueCoach.

Both apps offer a free trial, run a side-by-side test on both, and you’ll find TrueCoach gives you the best user experience and client data.

TrueCoach Reviews – The Verdict

TrueCoach is one of the leading names in personal trainer management apps. With TrueCoach, you get a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool for your personal coaching business.

Control every aspect of your client’s progress through the app's interface, and get real-time data through tracking devices like Fitbit.

The clean design and friendly UI of the app is the primary element of TrueCoach, making it stand out against the competition. 

With TrueCoach, you get easy navigation and client inputs, reducing the amount of time you spend analyzing your client results.

With TrueCoach, you get a guaranteed boost to your personal training business. The website has dozens of case studies showing how PTs saw a massive jump in income and client retention from implementing the TrueCoach app in their business.

TrueCoach might have one of the highest subscription prices in its category, but you’ll notice the difference in its interface, management, and features. 

Try it risk-free today with your free 14-day trial of the TrueCoach platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TrueCoach free?

TrueCoach isn’t free; it is a paid service allowing trainers to track every aspect of their client's progress and development. 

However, TrueCoach does offer trainers a free two-week trial of the platform. You get access to all the features of TrueCoach, with a risk-free trial.

How much does True Coach cost?

TrueCoach offers three flexible plans for your client's needs. 

  • The starter plan costs $19 per month, with up to five clients. 
  • The standard plan costs $49 per month, with access for up to 20-clients. 
  • The Pro plan costs $99 per month, with up to 50-clients.

If you have more than 250 clients, contact TrueCoach for custom organizational pricing.

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