FightCamp vs Mirror: Which Smart Home Gym Workout Should I Get?

Are you looking to keep fit in 2021? Why not try an at-home boxing workout to boost your fitness levels? With the coronavirus pandemic shuttering gyms across the country, most Americans have to train at home this year.

Plus, the intimidation of walking into a real boxing gym might put some people off the thought of giving the sport a try. Fortunately, there are at-home boxing platforms that can help you brush up on your pugilist skills from the comfort of your living room.

In our FightCamp vs Mirror review, we look at two of the leading at-home fitness platforms. Which one offers the best deal for your at-home boxing training? What can you expect for signing up, and how much does it cost? Let's look at everything you need to know to choose the best boxing platform for your training.

What Is FightCamp?

FightCamp is an online boxing training platform with a focus on fitness. Founded in 2017 by Khalil Zahar, a student at the time, FightCamp grew into the largest online boxing training platform in a few years. The company received several financing rounds in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and they predict sales of over $100-million in 2021.

FightCamp is a dedicated boxing platform. If you're looking for the most affordable online boxing training, FightCamp is your best option. You get all the equipment you need to start boxing at home included with your package.

The online platform gives you access to hundreds of archived workouts from some of the country's top boxing and kickboxing trainers. With FightCamp, you get a judgment-free boxing experience, allowing you to brush up your fighting skills without the intimidation of visiting a real boxing gym or sparring with anyone.

Does FightCamp Work?

FightCamp is the best at-home boxing solution. Whether you want to try the Fight Camp weight loss workouts or build your speed and power, there's a specialized workout program to meet your training goals.

FightCamp is more affordable than other at-home boxing systems, and you get professional-grade equipment, with professional-level instruction, all for an affordable monthly subscription.

What Is Mirror?

Founded in 2016 by Brynn Putnam, Mirror received around $75-million in funding. Brynn is an ex-ballet dancer who needed to keep fit at home, so she created the Mirror device.

After big tech started to take an interest, the company sold to Lululemon in 2020 for $500-million in cash. Mirror benefitted tremendously from the indoor training craze emerging in the wake of the pandemic. The company shot to fame in 2020, with sales expecting to reach $150-million in 2021.

ftMirror is an electronic mirror device displaying custom workouts across various disciplines, including boxing. You stand in front of the Mirror and watch your trainer and classmates complete the exercise. The trainer has a view of everyone in the class, and they work to correct your form and motivate you during the workout.

The Mirror has trackers installed, monitoring your form and movement during the exercise. You get feedback on your workout progress through the mobile app, showing you where you need to improve.

Does Mirror Work?

Is Mirror the best Fight Camp alternative? We don't think so. While Mirror does have a boxing workout, there's no equipment included with your purchase. Therefore, you have to "shadow box" with the Mirror during the exercise.

Mirror is a great choice for people that like to keep fit using bodyweight workouts that don't require equipment use.

FightCamp vs Mirror: What is Included?

You get the following included with your purchase when you sign up with FightCamp or Mirror.


  • Punch Trackers 
  • Quick Wraps 
  • Free-Standing Bag  
  • Heavy Workout Mat  

The FightCamp Tribe edition includes an extra set of wraps and kids and adults premium boxing gloves.

When you sign up for the workout subscription, you get access to a huge library of workouts, drills, training, and equipment guides.

FightCamp Pros and Cons


  • Dedicated at-home boxing training.
  • Affordable compared to other at-home boxing systems.
  • Dedicated apps for iOS and Android.
  • Financing available with payments as low as $51 per month.
  • Professional boxing instruction and on-demand workouts
  • Huge library of archived workouts.
  • Free shipping.


  • FightCamp only includes boxing workouts.


When you sign up with Mirror, you get the Mirror, but no additional equipment. You'll also have to pay a $250 shipping fee.

Signing up for the Mirror subscription platform gives you access to archived workouts and live classes for an on-demand training experience.

Mirror Pros and Cons


  • A wider range of workout options.
  • Large mirror screen.
  • 0% APR financing available.


  • No boxing equipment included.
  • More expensive than FightCamp for equipment setup.
  • $250 shipping and installation fee charged extra.

FightCamp vs Mirror: Cost Comparison

If you want to sign up with FightCamp, you'll need to take one of the two equipment packages. The standard equipment package comes with a heavy bag, punch sensors, wraps, and a set of boxing gloves. The FightCamp Tribe version adds an extra set of wraps, along with a set of kids and adult gloves.

The FightCamp standard package retails for $1,219. If you don't have the cash to pay for it upfront, you can take it on credit for as little as $51 per month for 24-months, with 0% APR. If you're taking the FightCamp Tribe package, it costs $1,349, or you can finance it for $56 per month.

After purchasing your equipment, you'll need to take a subscription to the platform at the cost of $39 per month.

Mirror has a more expensive setup cost. The Mirror retails for $1,495, and you have the option of taking financing for $42 per month for 36-months at 0% APR. You'll also need to take a $39 monthly subscription to the platform to access your workouts.

FightCamp vs Mirror: Our Recommendation 

If you're looking for the best at-home boxing system, we recommend going with FightCamp for your choice. Mirror does offer fighting training workouts. However, you don't get a heavy bag, wraps, or gloves included with your purchase.

With FightCamp, you get a system dedicated to at-home boxing training. The equipment package comes with a bag, wraps, punching sensors, and gloves. You get an immersive training experience involving some of the top boxing and kickboxing trainers in the US.

FightCamp offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You get a risk-free purchase and plenty of time to decide if you like the training. However, you'll get hooked after your first HIIT workout!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fight Camp worth the money?

Yes, FightCamp is worth the money. FightCamp offers you the most affordable training package, with a huge selection of archived workouts and more added to the library each week. With FightCamp, you get the benefits of a boxing gym right in your home.

Which is better FightCamp or Mirror?  

We recommend going with FightCamp as your at-home workout system. If you enjoy learning to box or kickbox, FightCamp offers you a dedicated workout platform to meet your training goals. Mirror is more of a general fitness training system, and they don't have as many boxing workouts or instructors as FightCamp.

How much does Fight Camp cost?

FightCamp charges $1,219 for its standard package. You get everything you need to start, but you'll need to take a membership subscription at $39 to gain access to the workout archive. You also have the option of financing your equipment package with 0% APR. If you qualify, you pay as little as $51 per month for 24-months.

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